Celebrate The Little Things.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 2.28.59 PM

I find myself very anxious after I upload a video on YouTube to the point where I don’t even want to go onto my channel anymore. Often, the amount of views that I get on my videos scare me. Will I have 10k views or only 1k views? If I’m honest sometimes… it doesn’t even reach 1k. Isn’t it crazy, how a number can simply crush me and change my mood?

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 2.35.08 PM

Today I remembered a sermon that Pastor Steven Furtick preached on celebrating the little things and that’s when my mindset shifted. Instead of feeling crushed by the amount of views I receive, I wanted to change my mindset and celebrate the little things. And no I don’t mean having a party every time I upload my video but instead being happy with where I am at this moment. Whether I have 500 views or 5k views the fact that people are watching videos that I love making is something worth celebrating. Now this doesn’t apply to just me but to anyone who’s struggling because they aren’t seeing the results they wanted. Whether you are losing weight, trying to get fit, working hard for those good grades or even starting your own job. I hope this post could give you a little hope. Learn to celebrate the small accomplishments and watch how changing your mindset will help you live a happier life.

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