My FOUR Go-To Outfits

Do you ever wake up and think, I have no idea what to wear today.. I can promise you it happens to me ALL THE TIME. I just sit there staring at my closet trying to come up with ideas. I look on Instagram, Pinterest, watch YouTube videos, read fashion blogs and sometimes still can’t find any inspiration.  Today I’m going to show you my 4 Go-To Outfits. These are the type of outfits that are comfortable yet chic. You’ll always look bougie (LOL) yet feel comfortable.


Sunglasses: Pacsun, Jacket: Talever, Shirt: JustFashionNow, Purse: Rosegal, Pants: Forever21, Shoes: Vans

This first outfit I like to call Teddy Bear Chic, lol just kidding. This one is definitely my favorite out of all of them probably just because I’m wearing my Teddy Coat and my Vans. I paired this jacket with black skinny jeans (you can wear leggings if you like) and a black top, I think it looks best with the color of the jacket and just makes the outfit overall look more chic. Lastly, throw on your pair of sunnies and call it a day. If you are someone who doesn’t like to wear all black I would say wear a white t-shirt instead or just stick with neutral colors.


Sunglasses: Forever21, Shirt: Thrifted, Jacket: Forever21, Pants: Zaful, Shoes: Vans

This second outfit I feel is like a really “trendy” outfit but it’s okay because it’s cute. Yes we went into Meijer to take these pictures LOL  but that’s not the point. What I really like about this outfit is how chill it is. You can totally dress it up with some heels or throw on some sneakers. There are just some many opportunities when it comes to wearing plaid pants since they’re a statement piece.


Sunglasses: Pacsun, Jacket: Zaful, Crewneck: Thrifted, Purse: Rosegal, Jeans: Love Culture, Shoes:Dresslily

Outfit number three is all about neutrals. For this outfit I decided to stick to the color black and work with different colors in the same color scheme. For some reason black is always just my go to, it gives an outfit a more put together look even though I literally just threw this on because I had no idea what I wanted to wear to church. Another one of my favorite colors to wear is either all white or all brown, but never ever ever do an all olive green outfit or an all red outfit, that would just like really weird unless it was a track suit and you’re trying to have a more Streetwear aesthetic. When sticking with neutrals always use different shades of the color or play around with different textures to give your outfit more depth.


Hat: Forever21, Backpack: Rosegal, Belt: Rosegal, Turtle Neck: Thrifted, Jeans: Bershka

This last outfit is such a basic outfit I feel like most of you have either worn something close to this or have seen someone else wear something like this. Again wearing black, can you tell how much I love black now? LOL. Mom jeans are perfect to wear any season but I actually do prefer to wear them in the summer as you can pair it with crop tops or tighter tank tops which give it a more 90s vibe. But because it’s freezing during the winter months where I live I paired it with a black turtle neck. In my opinion, moms jeans or even boyfriend jeans look great when you pair it up with a tight top since the pants are already loose and baggy. For shoes I worse some booties just to give outfit a little more va va voom haha.

Which outfit was your favorite, which one is more of your style? Let me know!


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