How To Spend Valentine’s Day Alone


Valentine’s Day is such an interesting time, guys are buying flowers, girls are buying chocolate and love is in the air… except for me. Most of my life I’ve spent Valentine’s Day alone, sure there was one time when I spent it with someone I liked at the time but that doesn’t amount to the times I have spent it alone. A lot of the time I wish I had someone to spoil on this day because I’m a big fan of love and I like getting people gifts, especially when it’s a cute boy that you can’t get out of your mind hehe.


Since I am spending Valentine’s Day alone and I have plenty of experience in enjoying this day to myself I’m going to share with you some of my favorite things to do on Valentine’s day by myself.


Spoiling yourself is honestly the best way to go because if you can’t buy chocolates for a special someone might as well buy them for yourself (because we’re also special right?!). This year I bought some of my favorite chocolates and some Rosé because that’s what people do on Valentine’s Day right? haha. Let me tell ya though, there’s nothing like self love, sure it would’ve been nice if a guy got me this because I’d be so kilig over the fact that he thought to get me something but treating yourself is kind of empowering. Maybe you don’t like chocolate or maybe your way of treating yourself is buying something from Victoria Secret or binge watching the office while you wait for your heart shaped pizza to be delivered, and if that’s the case then do it! There’s no reason to miss out on the yummy goodies that this holiday has to offer just because you’re single 😉


Galentine’s Day. Who need boys, when you have your girls? Get a bunch of your single girl friends and go out to get your nails done, go out to eat, go shopping, get coffee, go dancing, watch movies and pig out on food. Spend time with them and enjoy your time together because once you get in a relationship you’ll be more focused on your man on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re a guy and single on Valentine’s day do the same thing! Have fun with your guy friends and enjoy this time. Life’s too short to be sad and bitter on Valentine’s Day just because you’re single.



Overall, I think the big thing is loving yourself. That’s how you feel secure on these kind of days. I know sometimes watching other couples give each other gifts, go out to eat and be all kilig can be hard sometimes. Even I look at them and die a little inside because I have so much love to give and no one to give it to, at least not yet. So, instead of choosing to be sadden by all those love posts, remember that someone out there is probably waiting for you just like you’re waiting for them. When the time comes you’ll be that couple that makes all the singles cringe at their loneliness too LOL. For now, be content in being single and love others. This is a day of love, love your parents, your siblings, your friends, and your crushes hehe 😉 and most importantly love YOURSELF.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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