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“My party was LIT, I drank so much I couldn’t even remember what happened!” That was definitely not how my birthday went HAHA…

For those of you who know, my birthday was this past weekend, September 10. Not going to lie that weekend for me was a tough one, I was dealing with doubt, stressing about my YouTube and not really “feeling” my birthday. I kinda just wanted to get it over with and maybe just lay in bed the whole day. But that morning I woke up with a full heart, one full of thanksgiving. Thankful to be seeing another day, thankful to be turning 22 years old (yes, yes I know I don’t look 22 but I am get over it lol).

PicMonkhghghghgey Collage

That morning as I was walking down the stairs going to get ready to leave for church my sister came out with some flowers for my birthday and they were lovely! Thank you Nicole, if you ever read this HAHAH but for real though…I LOOOOOVE roses and sunflowers for any guys out there who want to take notes ;D

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As the day went on we headed Bdubs to go eat some waaaaangs because ya girl likes her chicken waaangs (and it was my cheat day so I had to take advantage of it).

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 9.37.23 AM

While we were there apparently there was a major football game going on, I didn’t even know about it that just goes to show you how much I care about sports haha. The place was packed with screaming fans of the lions team. Go lions? 🙂 Oh and ya see that salad there? That’s my moms attempt at trying to be healthy even though we went out to eat LOL she did a lot better than I did… I don’t even want to count how many wings I had.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.10.54 PM

While we were downtown we headed over to this snazzy cafe, not this one in the picture it’s actually a different one called Atomic coffee and I was determined to get a wonderful coffee from that cafe and take a cute aesthetically pleasing picture. But, of course…we just embarrassed ourselves there. I asked the barista if they have caramel macchiatos and he was like..no..this isn’t like Starbucks, we make real coffee here not just milk and sugar. I stared at him with a blank face and some confusion. As much as I love coffee I don’t know much about it so if someone would like to teach me I am ready to learn!

Anyway, we ended up walking out of that cafe really awkwardly.. I don’t think I’ll be returning there anytime soon hahaha..

This day was pretty great, we ended the day with some shopping at Forever21 and a family movie with some ice cream cake! I know my birthday wasn’t crazy, it’s probably not like most people my age. I feel like probably most people go out for drinks for their birthday or hit up the club but as for me, I’m happy just spending it with the people I love.

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