Hey hey hey… so if you have been following me on my social media you would know lately I’ve been OBSESSED with all things korean. Kpop, Kdramas, Korean make up, you name it. Today I decided to show you some of my favorite beauty products from Korea. So if you are someone who has always wanted to try out Korean beauty products or someone who is just looking for new kinds of skin care products then definitely keep on reading.


As you can see I got A LOT of different products haha I got a little too carried away with shopping on this website called Early Picker.


When you first get the package this is what you’re going to see! The holy grail of all things magical is in this box. But before we get into all the beauty products you saw before. I want to tell you why you should do your shopping with Early Picker! The best thing about it is that you get FREE, yes free, samples of other products you can try that comes with your purchase.



As you can see the more you buy the more free samples you will get as well! And I mean c’mon, who doesn’t like free stuff?


Alright starting out with this product, it’s called Forment Blackhead Bye Foam Cleanser. When I chose this one all I noticed was that it was a blackhead cleanser and that was something that I really needed because ya girl has BAD blackheads but… this is actually a product for GUYS! So all my guys out there use this and I assure you that you will like it! My brother has been using it and finds that it’s starting to get rid of his blackheads.


This next product is soap! I’m in love with soaps, I don’t really know why but I just love how they smell and how smooth they make your face. Lately I’ve been using papaya soap that I got from the Philippines, but this you guys is life changing (okay maybe that’s a little dramatic haha).


Here’s a closer look of the soap, the detail is amazing! As well as the smell. I have yet to use it but I am very very excited!


Moving on to this April Skin Turn-Up Color Cream. I actually thought it wasn’t going to work because I have seen some YouTube videos on girls trying it and it didn’t work on some of their hair but it worked on mine! Sadly, it only worked on the top of my head where my roots have grown out (about 6 inches of hair) because that hair has never been color before. It was able to turn my hair from a dark brown to a chocolate brown! Pretty amazing. There’s basically “no” bleach so it’s kind of like a high lift. The rest of the bottom of my hair stayed a dark brown since that part has been dyed.


Next we got this pore serum by Medicube! This is supposed to clean your pores and make this less visible. Again, when I saw a product having to do with pores I just had to get it! My pores on my nose always make me uncomfortable so hopefully this will work, I will keep you updated on whether or not it did!


Along with the pore serum I HAAAAD to get this All-Kill Pore Brush by April Skin! This brush is very soft on both sides! I’m very interested to see how well it will work on my face and see how well it will help clean my pores. But hey, the products to help me reduce my pore size the better, diba?!


Next this product was very interesting, it is the April Skin Magic Snow Pad. The white side is said to help with dry skin, you rub it all over your face where there is dry skin and the blue side is said to exfoliate! Sounds great right!? When you order this it comes in a package of 5.


Now what girl doesn’t like face masks!? They are my all time FAVORITE! Guys should even use these too! I let my sister and mom use them as well and they seemed to like it. This kind of mask isn’t a mud mask, it’s a paper mask. When you first open it, it’s really wet so you can tell it has a lot of products on it. It’s recommended to leave on your face for 10-20 minutes and when you take it off your face feels so refreshed and moisturized!


This next product is one of my favorites! It’s the April Skin Magic Snow Mist. This product is supposed to moisturize your skin, help with skin that is dry, whitening of dark sports and also help hold make up if you have any on.


Calling all the couples in the room, this one is for you! When I first got this I didn’t understand why there were two. I thought that maybe there was two so you can decided which one you wanted to use that day. But boy was I wrong HAHA this is a couple gloss, so when you both kiss each other you will make a yummy flavor of strawberry milk LOL! Hence the name of the chapstick.

Last but not least we have this amazing body scrub! If you watch my video on this product you know its one to die for. This body scrub you use in the shower and it smells soooo good! I like to use this one once a week to scrub off any dry skin I may have.

Well you guys, that is all for this blog post on my favorite Korean beauty/skin care products! I hope you enjoyed it! Which of these products seem interesting to you? Leave it in the comments down below!


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