“Food grows where water flows”

I was looking for a picture for this post and once I saw that quote I knew this was the one. Just like food cannot grow without water, our spirits cannot grow if we don’t feed it. Now obviously I don’t mean feed it actual food but if we are not actively seeking God, reading the Bible, spending time with Him in prayer we will end up in a spiritual drought.

Recently that has been me. As much as I hate to admit it, I have been too focused on Youtube, on what kind of pictures I should take to grow my Instagram, on trying to go back to the Philippines. Basically everything besides God. Now it’s not like I ended up doing bad things while my focus was off God but what I can tell you it definitely did take a toll on my emotions.

Being distant from God definitely made it easier for the devil to bother me. It was easier for me to get jealous, to compare myself to others, to feel worthless, like what I’m doing and what I’m striving for isn’t going to work. I started looking down on myself and feeling bad. I knew that God is working for me, I mean heck there were so many miracles that happened in the span of 2 months, yet I still had doubt in me.

Even though I knew I was in a drought I pushed it off as it was nothing. Instead of changing my ways and putting effort into spending time with God I ended up just watching more Youtube videos as if that was going to help me. I still felt sad, I still was doubting everything. As much as I wanted to believe that God could do the impossible because I wasn’t working on my relationship with Him I hard a hard time believing it.

Droughts can end…it just needs to rain right? I started with devotionals every night, then started to watch Pastor Steven Furtick again and it didn’t just rain, it poured. It’s like every doubt, every bit of sadness and loneliness went away. So many times we turn to different things to fill us up but there nothing like the fullness of God.

Now I can’t say my drought it over, but it is starting to get better. You can slowly see the ground come together as one instead of having many cracks. It’s a start. It’s definitely not easy turning away your flesh. There’s time when I’m like dang I really don’t feel like watching a sermon, or reading my Bible I just want to lay in bed and watch Youtube or watch some Kdrama. See that’s the thing though, it shouldn’t even feel like it’s a chore that I have to do. Those things I should want to do, ya know? But as I slowly fill my life with his presence, listening to worship music, putting aside time to pray and read my Bible the more I crave it, the more the drought starts to soften up and become beautiful land again.

You don’t have to be stuck in the drought forever…food grows where water flows, your spirit grows when you feed it. Feed your spirit. Grow in your walk with God. Take it day by day. It’s okay to feel like you don’t want to read your Bible, it’s okay to want to do other things instead of spend time with Him, we’re human and God knows that. But watch your life transform as you keep seeking Him, keep chasing after Him, as you start to crave to spend time with Him.

As I end this blog post, I pray that the drought you are in today will end. I pray for an undying fire in your heart, a hunger for God that won’t go away. May God set a fire in your soul that allows people to see His light! Praying that your pursue that purpose.

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