Wow! Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been awhile since I have posted on here, I’m so sorry! But if you didn’t know I’ve been in the Philippines traveling around, vlogging my stay there and enjoying time with family pala! So if you haven’t seen it check it out here ( ya ya ya alam ko shameless plug haha.

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Anyway, let’s get on with the travel stories! For this vacation I was based in Cebu City but we decided to go visit Bohol because of the many different things you can do there. If you don’t know Bohol is an island south of Cebu City. Getting there by ferry took us 2 hours and on the way back only an hour. There’s different types of ferries that you can take depending on the price you want and how fast you want the boat ride to be.

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Whatever ferry you choose though the view is great! Once we got there we stayed at Ocean Suites. If you’re looking for a hotel that’s not too pricey this is definitely the place to go. To see what the actual hotel looks like you have to watch my Bohol Vlogs on my youtube channel haha.


Everything about the hotel I loved our room was on the floor that the pool was on so it was easy access with a beautiful view. The only problem was there was construction during our stay. The construction wasn’t part of the hotel it was the government which means they couldn’t do anything about it but nonetheless it was still a very nice place to stay. While at the resort we went out to explore Bohol.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.43.53 AM

We rented out a van which of course came with a driver. For 2,000 pesos he took us on a whole of Bohol and took us to the major tourist spots like Chocolate Hills, Tasiers, Loboc River and a lot of other places.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.43.42 AM

While on the visiting the Lobo River you can go on the boats and have lunch or dinner while they serenade you with some lovely songs and you enjoy the food, astig diba? Then at night our driver even took us to go Alitaptap (firefly) watching which was super cool!


After two nights in that hotel we moved to the Hennan Beach Resort which is one of the most popular hotels in Bohol. Hennan Resort definitely reminded me of my trip to Mexico at Riu Hotel. Which means if you’re someone who likes the “relaxation” type of vacation, to just lounge around and have a couple of drinks this is the place you should go. It is kind of pricey but it’s definitely worth it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.36.41 AM

The best part about this hotel are the pools. Our room had the pool terrace which meant our room went directly out to the pool which was really nice but we didn’t use it too much because the party was at the bigger pools that were by the beach.


At night everything lights up! Then, for dinner you can head over to their different restaurants that they have. For only 800 pesos you can get a dinner buffet and eat as much as you want until you a busog! #ChibogTimeDiba?!


One last thing I wanted to mention on this trip is the locals! We got to meet si Manong Jack who was selling many different sunglasses along with other items as well but he was the sweetest person ever! If anyone ever asks why I love the Philippines it’s because of the people. Manong works every day along the beach trying to sell those items to provide for his family and because I love supporting the locals we bought a lot of things for him and let me tell you, it definitely made his day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.36.55 AM

That’s all for this trip blog post for Bohol, if you want to see it more in depth again go check out my youtube channel I vlogged almost every day and every place we went to.


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