I always can’t decided if I want to go casual one day or just go all out and dress my outfit up. Throw on some chucks and BOOM your outfit is all of the sudden casual, put on some heels and PAK now you’re looking a bit more fancy.

Whenever I go out with friends or family I can never decide on what to wear but today I’m going to show you my two different outfits and how I dressed one up and down.

Both of these dresses can be dressed up or dressed down. My favorite outfit from this shoot was the blue dress with the BIG sun hat. We went down to Royal Oak to treat my family out for mothers day, it was definitely a day to remember. I can tell you though wearing that blue dress did make me feel like I was too dressy, so if you wanted to go hang out with you friends and just chill out for the day the black maxi dress is the way I would go.The jeans jacket with the black maxi dress definitely brings down the dressy vibe along with the black flats I wore (I was going to wear my converse, but I couldn’t find them LOL).




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