What’s the first thing you think about after hearing the word festival? COACHELLA!!! Another year Coachella happened, another year I didn’t get to go, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up like I’m going.

F7A1B10F-D312-4136-A2AA-FAC95776D6AAcrop top & duster: Windsor, shorts: thrifted, Choker: Rosegal, Boots: Target


This first look I like to call it boho chic. I’ve always been attracted to the carefree boho style clothes but with a little flare. If there’s one thing I know about dressing boho is to look up to Coachella Queen Vanessa Hudgens. Her clothes always give me inspiration and help me think out of the box.

This second outfit is also one of my favorites. I was going to throw on a hat to make this look more hipster and give it a more indie vibe but I thought that was too basic. I think this romper speaks for itself with the long train of fabric behind you following through the wind you’ll definitely be a show stopper.

Skirt: SheIn, Top: MakeMeChic, Glasses: Pacsun

This last look gives me L I F E. Does this scream I’m ready for Coachella or what!? Embroidery skirts are TOTALLY the new trend. I remember wearing these kinds of skirts when I was younger on my vacation in the Philippines. Who would’ve thought that they would come back?

Pairing the skirt with a top like this one gives this outfit a more trendy hipster vibe. Pair this look with some sunnies from Pacsun or instead add some glitter for highlight on your cheek bones and GIRL, you are ready to go! Coachella it UP. Take a little risk with your outfits this summer, dress like your going to Coachella and watch your creativity flow! What was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments down below!

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