I love everything about summer dresses. There are so many types of dresses, so many different types of prints, how can you choose!?

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.48.00 AM

I love clothes that will flatter my skin color. Being tan colors there are a lot of summer dresses that will pop on your skin color. Yellows and corals look amazing and give off a nice spring and summer vibe.


Another color I’m really into for this season is white! White always looks good and this dress definitely gives me a Greece vibe. Ya know? The white and the blue! Ah I love it!


Moving on to longer dresses maxis are a MUST! My favorite kind of maxi dress are the ones with slits because I feel like it gives a little more style instead of the usual maxi. Two slits are always better than one right? 😉


One of my favorite ways to style summer dresses are by adding hats! There are so many different kinds of hats to choose from but I like the boater hats best. They are straw hats that have a ribbon tied to them and you can either get them sturdy or floppy. This one here is from FashionMia, one of my go to online shops!


Last but not least chokers! Black lace, gold sequins, white lace. Any kind of choker can spice up a dress that seems a little too plain. With this black lace choker from FashionMia it gives it a more grungy vibe than the typical girly summer dress vibe that most people go for in the summer.

Whatever dress you choose to rock this summer have fun with it! Dress it up, dress it down, wear fun hats and cute sandals, and always remember to stay slaying.



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