My Happy Place: MEXICO


I never thought Mexico would feel like home. The last days we spent in Mexico were the ones to remember forever.


We got to visit this magical placed called Tulum, if you don’t know what Tulum is let me tell you some quick facts about it.

  • Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayas
  • It was at its height between the 13th and 15th centuries
  • The ruins are situated on 12-meter (39 ft) tall cliffs, along the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula on theCaribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.


Now while the pictures may seem like Tulum doesn’t look that interesting or maybe you’re thinking you paid money to go see…that? Why? Well.. let me show you…


Tulum has one of the most beautiful beaches, who knew right!?


After exploring the Tulum artifacts you can make your way down to beach and go dive in for a nice swim and get out of the heat for a little bit!


Now if Tulum is a place you would want to visit you do have to pay to go in. Prices range from $35-40 pesos and an extra $30 pesos if you want to bring camera equipment (like professional video cameras, your little camera or camera on your phone is fine).


But for us we didn’t just buy a pass to go into Tulum, instead we got a combination where we can go here but also go to Xel-Ha. What is Xel-Ha you may ask?  A “water park” in simplest terms. There you can do things like snorkeling, riding dolphins, riding the lazy river and go on zip lines!


What my sister and I really wanted to do was go on the lazy river and see the zip line! Since those were at the back of the park we had to make our way to the little train. From there it was a quick 5 minute ride.


On the lazy river you didn’t have to wear life jackets but it was kind of deep and if you’re not so good of a swimmer like me it’s kind of needed 😉

You can get inflatable tubes that would float you down along the river which is what I did the first two times but it’s sooooo slow that I decided to float by myself!


Another thing I really enjoyed were these iguanas! How cute! They we literally everywhere in Tulum and Xel-Ha.

Traveling around Mexico and seeing these cool places were definitely an adventure. I love seeing artifacts that people made many years ago, I love exploring new things, trying new those and hanging out with family. There’s a lot more that has happened in Mexico which I will tell you next time but for find a place that excites you and explore it! Who knows…maybe it’ll feel like home.



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