The City That Never Sleeps


This trip to New York City was totally unplanned. One day my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go with her to New York. With her offering to pay for the hotel I couldn’t say no. Plus who wouldn’t want to go to the second largest city in the world?


My night…or should I say day, started with us waking up at 2:30am to catch our flight that left at 5am. I haven’t woke up at 2am for a flight since Mexico so I was extremely tired. I barely slept because I was too excited and I usually go to bed around 1am so having to wake up at 2am didn’t leave me with much sleep. But that’s what coffee is for right!? HAHA.


Flying over the city was probably the best part! See the Statue of Liberty so small was insane! Anyway…We finally got to our hotel and stayed at the Paramount Hotel that was in Times Square. A little piece of advice, if you are looking for a hotel room that is big and more of a resort kind, maybe one that has a nice view.. don’t stay at the Paramount unless you are paying more money for a premium room.

Since we didn’t get premium our room was the smallest thing ever. It was even smaller than my room back home. I was surprised that they could even fit the bed into the room! Our view..well.. it wasn’t the nicest. It was a wall. My dream of having the New York skyline was gone but it’s okay! We came here for the attractions right?


Our first day we explored Times Square, the Trump Tower, the Tiffany’s store and the Rockefeller Center! All those things we’re pretty amazing! My favorite was probably Times Square because of how busy it was and the big shinning lights that light up the night sky.


January isn’t the best time to go to New York unless you like the cold. For me I would have rather been there in June enjoying the warm summer sun while slowly taking my time strolling the streets of Manhattan. But let me tell you, being in New York was an experience in the winter one I will never forget.

When it started to rain/snow that’s when things got a little harder though! Luckily they were having night bus tours that will take you around all of Manhattan. You can see all the main attractions from the comfort of the bus! One thing to remember though is the bus has no heat! So even though we weren’t getting wet by the rain, we still were freezing! But as long as we got to see everything New York was famous for I didn’t care 🙂


The next day was much better! The sun was out, even though it was still cold at least the sun would warm us up (somewhat) haha. This day we took a tour bus to the Empire State Building. The tour bus we took was the same one as the night tour except we got a Hop on Hop off bus pass. Which means they would take you to all the major attractions and you could get off whenever you wanted and come back on when you were done exploring.


When I thought Times Square was my favorite I was so wrong! I mean c’mon look at this view! For $34 we were able to go to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. For $60 you could go up another 20 floors high which I’m pretty sure would have been pretty crazy!

If you are afraid of heights then maybe this isn’t the place for you, but the view was breathtaking. I would love to go back next time and this time go all the way to the top.


Remember how I mentioned we had a Hop on Hop off bus ticket? Well.. funny story is we got off at a place that was not an “official” bus stop because my friend wanted to look for the Kardashian DASH store which we didn’t end up finding. And then we got lost. We couldn’t find our bus stop anywhere nor did we see our bus anywhere.

So just like any person we do we cried and begged for help….HAHA I’m totally kidding. We ended up walking a mile back to our hotel in cold weather. That was an adventure that I don’t want to repeat haha..


When we made it back to Times Square I was literally so happy that I could cry. Or maybe I felt like crying because I hurt my knee…? haha I ended up hurting my knee from walking so much that I couldn’t walk anymore.

Which meant the next day was spent at the airport lol Sorry Kelly! Thankfully my leg felt better after a couple days!

New York was a trip I will never forget. From being freezing everyday to getting lost in Manhattan, from enjoying our stay at the Empire State Building to hurting my knee to the point where I couldn’t walk anymore… I wouldn’t change a thing about this trip. And that’s the thing about traveling you never know what is going to happen, you never know what to expect. Traveling does wonders for your soul, creates new memories and experiences that nothing else would be able to give you.

This is my first travel of 2017 and I encourage every single one of you reading this to go ahead, travel somewhere this year even if it’s a different city only an hour away from you. Go explore. Find yourself. And see what the world has to offer.



Check out my Youtube Vlogs from this trip at


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