Exploring The 6ix


Last summer I got to explore parts of Canada (Niagara Falls and Toronto to be exact)! It was such a fun experience from getting soaked at the Falls to getting lost in the big city for hours. One of the perks of living in Michigan is that we’re only a three hour drive away from Canada. Which means it was time to take a road trip to the good ‘ol Canada, ehh?


There’s something about road trips that make it so much fun. I don’t know if it’s the long hours spent in the car or the views you get to see while you are driving that makes road trips so enjoyable for me.

Day 1 in Canada


This day was filled with long hours of being on the road, going through customs, praying it wouldn’t rain while we were there and seeing the famous Niagara Falls. When you come to Niagara the best place to stay is at a hotel that is walking distance to the Falls. You get to skip the long process of having to take the shuttle. It usually gets packed quickly anyway so who needs that!?


We ended up staying at the Hampton Inn which was right in the middle of EVERYTHING, it’s only a 5 minute walk from the Falls and the best thing about this hotel is that it has everything you want during your mini vacation for a cheap price!


After checking into our hotel it was time to explore this little packed city and decided to make our first stop at this restaurant called Pranzo.  My sister and I were so hungry that we ended up getting the Meat Lovers Pizza. Yeah I know you’re probably thinking Rachel that’s so unhealthy! But when on vacation, ya gotta live a little!


Here is the amazing pizza, doesn’t it just make your mouth water?! Grabe… masarap naman!

Now let’s get to the best part…NIAGARA FALLS <333


The boat tours are the best way to see the falls up close and personal. While you don’t get to go into the falls you get close enough that the mist will get you all wet, how fun!

There are many different tours you can go on and what’s nice is that they don’t cost too much.

If you are someone who enjoys adventuring and wants to explore all of what Niagara has to offer I suggest going with the Niagara Falls adventure pass. There are two different passes, the classic pass and the nature pass. Depending on what you like either one is a great way to see everything there is and save money.

But if you don’t have much time in Niagara like me then a boat tour is the way to go! Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour  is a 20 minute day time tour which only costs $25 (Canadian dollars) for adults and $15 for kids. But if you want something a little more romantic (wink wink) the Falls Illumination Cruise is the way to go. This is a 40 minute night time cruise where you can see the falls all lit up with beautiful colors. This tour costs around $40 for adults and $35 for kids.

The last tour that I wish I went on was the Falls Fireworks Cruise. This cruise is 40 minutes long as well and costs the same amount as the Illumination Cruise.


But whatever tour or cruise your choose to go on I can promise you that it is TOTALLY worth it! Whether you are facing the falls or the city skyline the views are to die for.


I have been on this tour when I was 5 years old and I barely remember how it was like to be on the boat so close to the falls. Going last year was definitely an experience. It’s so crazy to see how little you are compared to these giant falls. How incredible it is to see that God made things like this on Earth for us to enjoy.


After the boat ride I decided to get some Starbucks because I’m SO basic hahah I probably should have gotten Tim Hortons since that’s what Canada is known for eh? 😉

Not only is Niagara known for their beautiful waterfalls but they also have many other things to do like amusement parks!


The sky wheel is 175 feet (WOW!) above the falls and gives a spectacular view of it! The ride varies from 8-12 minutes and has air condition which is perfect if you go in the summer.


Ferris wheels are one of my favorite things in the world. The views are always amazing. Tickets are pretty cheap around $12 for adult and $6 for kids. Another great time to go on the Sky Wheel is at night when you can see the fireworks!

If you’re someone who enjoys amusement parks and Wax Museums, your best bet would be to go with a Clinton Hill Fun pass. With the fun pass you get access to many of the amusement rides, the Sky Wheel, Wax Museums, mini golf and much more. Buying the fun pass would be a lot cheaper than buying every ticket separately. Yes you’re welcome, I just saved your wallet 😉


Before we went to Niagara Falls I heard that the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum was the place to goSo I thought when in Rome do as the Romans do, diba?

Seeing Austin Powers was probably my highlight of visiting the museum hahaha GROOVY BABYYYY 😉


And even though the wax people looked kind of creepy and didn’t really look like how the real actors looked like… it was still pretty cool! This is something we definitely do not have in Michigan so I had to take it all in.


Niagara falls was definitely a trip to remember. I want to go back again one day and see the falls light up with colors at night. There are plenty of things that I didn’t get to do there but it’s okay because it gives me an excuse to go back 😉


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